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Offset Patio Umbrellas

An offset patio umbrella or cantilever umbrella is an umbrella where the base is off to one side rather than directly underneath like most patio umbrellas. Typically, patio umbrellas are meant to slide into a hole in the middle of a patio table. Offset patio umbrellas do not require a table at all. The offset umbrella base can be put anywhere you want shade. Some popular choices are over a seating area, a hot tub, a shallow end of the pool, or a children’s pool. In addition to the benefit of not being tied to a patio table, there are several other benefits of these types of outdoor patio covers.

One benefit is that the umbrella can usually swing around a full 360 degrees. You can move the offset patio umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day. That way you will always be in the shade. Another feature that allows you to stay in the shade is that many offset patio umbrellas are on rollers. The rollers allow you to move the umbrella to different areas as your activities change throughout the day. For example, you can put the offset umbrella over the pool when you are enjoying the water and then move it to your seating area when you get out to enjoy a drink or snack. Another interesting benefit is that many offset umbrellas have an adjustable height feature. You can raise the height to increase the area of shade or lower it and turn it slightly to protect you from uncomfortable winds.

While most patio umbrellas over tables are round, offset umbrellas come in many shapes. There are round and octagonal shaped ones as well as square and rectangular ones. The rectangular or square shaped umbrellas are considered more modern and are great choices for large seating areas or picnic tables. In addition to the unusual shapes, you will find that offset umbrellas are slightly larger than other patio umbrellas. The nature of the offset umbrella base allows a larger and heavier umbrella. Offset patio umbrellas are usually about four to five feet larger than your typical patio umbrella.

The materials used for offset patio umbrellas are similar to those used in regular patio umbrellas. The base has to be made of something sturdy like wood or fiberglass. Some offset umbrella bases are made of aluminum as well. The fabric for the umbrella is usually a cotton acrylic blend like Sunbrella fabric. The advantages this type of fabric is that they are stain proof and fade proof. Heavy fabric work better to protect you from the elements as well. If the fabric is too thin then the sunlight will just shine right through. Another advantage of Sunbrella fabric is that it comes in almost any color or design.

There are a few additional features to look for when purchasing your offset patio umbrella. It is important to take down your offset patio umbrella when it is not in use to protect it from the elements. To help with this potential problem you probably want to get an umbrella cover. Some offset umbrellas will come with a cover and some will require you to purchase the cover separately. Another added feature you can sometimes find is lighting. Some offset patio umbrellas have lighting installed underneath so that you can continue to enjoy the outdoors after the sun goes down. Some of these lighting systems are electric, but others are solar powered. The solar powered lights are charged all day and then you can turn them on when the sun goes down. These are a great choice for umbrellas over a hot tub or pool since you will not have to worry about getting electrical cords wet.

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