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Hammock Chair Stand

Hammocks are a great way to relax. Unfortunately, they are somewhat hard to get in and out of which makes them unappealing to a large number of people. A great alternative is a hammock chair. Hammock chairs have all the comfort of a hammock without the floundering to get out of the lying position when in a full size hammock. If you are interested in a hammock chair, you will need to purchase a hammock chair stand. Hammock chair stands are the structures that hold up your hammock chair. They come in a few different varieties and are made of different materials. You can usually purchase a hammock chair stand from the same place you buy your hammock chair. Sometimes they even come as a set.

With all types of hammock chair stands there are many material options available. Probably the most common material used is metal. Steel and aluminum alloys are the most popular metals. A wooden hammock chair stand is less common though still readily available for purchase. Stainless steel tends to be sturdier compared to aluminum, but the final strength really depends on tube wall thickness. Wood is also a good sturdy choice, but make sure that the wood has no inclusions or obvious weak spots because you could break the wood at that point with enough weight and pressure. No matter the construction material make sure you check the weight capacity of the stand. Some stands are rated for as a little as 250lbs. I would recommend rated capacities of at least 300lbs or more depending on your situation.

An example of a typical C-frame hammock chair standThe most popular type of hammock chair stand is the C frame hammock chair stand. With this type of stand for a hammock chair when it stands alone, it looks like a giant C. The bottom of the stand is usually a four-pronged base where two long bars cross in the middle making an X. From the center of the X or the center of the base, a long curving arch goes out, up, and back in so that it ends above the middle of the base a few feet in the air. There is a hook at the top of the C shaped stand where your hammock chair hangs.

Another type of hammock chair stand is shaped like a U with a bar crossing the bottom bar at each end so that if you look down at it from above it looks like an H. The hammock hangs from the two top points down in the middle. These stands are not as sturdy as the C frame hammock chair stands and sitting in the hammock chair feels completely different in this kind of stand. In C-frame stands the rope chair is not pulled in any direction so it completely molds to your body and is very snug. The U shaped stand pulls the chair out at each end and you do not get as snug a fit.

Many hammock chairs are not even hung from stands. Instead, they hang from any surface that can hold a hook. Some people hang their hammock chairs from branches in a tree; others put an eyehook in a beam from their house. You can pretty much make any stationary, strong object your hammock chair stand if there is enough room for the chair to swing freely underneath.

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