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Beach Lounge Chairs

One purchase that almost every vacationer will make in their lifetime is a set of beach lounge chairs. They are an essential for anybody who visits a beach. The main benefit of the beach lounge chair is that it prevents you from getting sand all over your bottom. Unless you are a small child, there is nothing worse than a bathing suit full of sand. Beach lounge chairs help with this problem. Another benefit is that they is relaxing. Beach lounge chairs are better than regular chairs because you can recline and better than lying on a towel because it is easier to get in and out of than to lie down and stand up from the ground. Perhaps another reason to purchase a set of beach lounge chairs is that they can be used in places other than the beach. Some people use them around the pool; others take them to sporting events, family picnics, or just to sunbathe in the backyard.

A long row of wooden beach lounge chairs

A long row of wooden beach lounge chairs

You should consider some things before you buy. First, are they folding beach lounge chairs and how easy is it to carry around? You could have the greatest and most comfortable beach chair in the world. If you cannot get it to the beach because it is too heavy or does not fold up conveniently, then what good is it? See if you can practice folding and unfolding the floor model or at least try your portable beach lounge chairs out at home before you go on your trip so that you can return them if they do not work out.

Second, make sure that the beach chair can hold your weight. Depending on the materials of construction, some chairs can hold more weight than others can. Try to see if there are weight restrictions written on the packaging to help you out. If not, then you will have to test the chair to see if it will support you. Aluminum beach lounge chairs may be more prone to buckle than steel frame beach lounge chairs. In addition, if you purchase cheap beach lounge chairs then they are less likely to hold up under high stress. This is truly one of those things where you get what you pay for.

The materials of construction are not only important when you are considering whether the lounge chair will hold your weight. You also need to consider the conditions your chair will be in and pick materials that can hold up under those circumstances. For example, aluminum rusts easily and your chair will probably not last as long under the harsh salt water and sand conditions of a beach. If you are looking for beach lounge chairs to use in the backyard for sunbathing then you could get away with an inexpensive set of plastic beach lounge chairs. In addition, canvas and cloth seats are not a good choice if you are going to be getting the chair wet. The canvas will absorb water and it is difficult to ever get it completely dry. Mesh beach lounge chairs are a better choice for water play. If you want to put some lounge chairs around your pool then you might want to consider wooden chairs that are not meant to be portable. The heavy wooden beach lounge chairs are sturdier and can look like permanent piece of furniture.

Finally, think about the accessories and functionality that you want in your beach lounge chairs. Many extras can make your relaxing beach chair even more so. The most common features are arm and headrests. The headrest is sometimes a comfortable cushion that feels like a pillow. Another common feature is cup holders. You want to be able to stay hydrated while relaxing, so cup holders are convenient. They are also a good place to store sunglasses or keys so that they do not get lost in the sand. If you want to be able to store larger items out of the sand, then there are beach lounge chairs that come equipped with storage compartments under the seat where you can store towels or cover up clothing. Some are even large enough to hold a small cooler. One final accessory available on some is an umbrella. If you have very fair skin or do not want to be exposed to the sun too much then an umbrella could come in handy. They are usually small personal umbrellas and therefore much easier to carry than large beach umbrellas.

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