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Storage Chest

Storage chests are fantastic pieces of furniture for almost any room in your home. A storage chest can be beautiful and practical. Every home needs a few places where you can store things. Clutter is almost always a problem and a storage chest trunk can help. You can store almost anything in them and then the chest will look like just another piece of furniture. The problem with most other storage devises is that they can be quite ugly and do not go with the décor of your room. Storage chests can be multi-functional and fit right into your decorating scheme.

One of the ways that you can make sure that your storage chest fits in is by choosing a material for it that matches the rest of your furniture. For example, a wicker storage chest would be perfect for a deck or patio where you already have wicker furniture. The most common material for the construction of these chests is wood. A wood storage chest is most likely to blend in because most other furniture for the living room or bedroom is made of wood. The key is to get it made out of the right wood or stain it properly so that it matches the rest f your furniture set. Keeping that in mind, you can use almost any wood for a storage chest but cypress and cedar are the most common. The reason that these woods are used more often is that they are not affected by moisture or sunlight as much as other woods are. In addition, cedar has a nice smell to it and that odor often transfers to the things stored inside the chest.

When choosing the material for your storage chest you need to consider a little bit what that chest will be used for. If you are planning to store many heavy items in the chest then you need to make sure that it is made of something sturdy enough to handle the weight. For example, a plastic storage chest would probably not be good for storing heavy books. The bottom might buckle. You could line the bottom of the chest with 2X4 wood planks in order to support the weight, but the better solution would be to choose a chest made of something else. Another thing to think about is the possibility of storing many small items in a storage chest. Often chests like this are just one large compartment. If that is the case then you can help to stay organized by filing the compartment with small plastic bins or bags. This problem has become enough of an issue that there are storage chests that have small drawers or shelves built into them now.

Choosing the right material is not the only way to help your storage chest blend in. You can help by putting your chest to some other use. For example, a storage chest bench can be a great addition to any sitting room that needs additional seating or at the end of your bed so that you have some place to sit down while taking off and putting on your shoes. Putting a cushion on your bench chest is one way to make it blend in better. Another option is making the storage chest an ottoman. Ottomans are stands that you put in front of a seat for your feet to rest on. You can make this useful piece of furniture have two uses by making it a storage chest as well. An ottoman makes the perfect blanket storage chest so that you always have a blanket handy when you are sitting and watching TV or reading. You can also make your storage chest a table of sorts. You can decorate the top with pictures or figurines that you would normally keep on a coffee or side table. The only problem with this approach is that you need to clear it off every time you want to get inside.

As I said before, storage chests are great for almost any room in the house. You can have one in the bedroom to store extra linens or bed spreads. You can have one in your nursery. A painted white storage chest usually fits in nicely with the furniture for an infant. You can store clothes that are too big for your baby here or extra burping clothes and diapers. The possibilities are endless. Children need storage too so a toy storage bin is a good addition to any kid’s room. The foyer is another good place for a storage chest. You can put umbrellas, rain boots, or other outdoor necessities here so that they do not clutter the hallway but are within easy reach. One less common use is as a silver storage chest in the dining room. Many people have large silverware boxes that will not fit in most other piece of furniture or a dining too small for a buffet or anything other than a table and chairs. So, a storage chest in the corner of the dining room is a good place to store extra tablecloths and you precious silver. No matter where you put your storage chest, it is sure to go to good use.

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