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Versatility of Storage Benches

Storage benches are an excellent example of form and function working together in furniture. Everyone can always use more storage and more seating so storage benches are the perfect solution. You will find storage bench furniture used in a variety of places in the home. Homeowners use storage benches in foyers, at the end of hallways, in living rooms, in bedrooms, breakfast nooks, or sometimes even in a large bathroom. They are also very common outdoors. Outdoor storage benches are even more common than indoor ones.

elegant storage bench from west elmThere are no rules about what you can or should store in your storage bench so anything goes. An entryway storage bench is perfect for storing winter coats, hats, scarves, boots, umbrellas, or any other garments or items that you might need as you go out the door. Some people even use the foyer storage bench to store extra blankets, board games, books, or magazines. It is also nice to have the seat in the entryway. The bench gives people a place to sit while they take off or put on their shoes.

A bedroom storage bench is also popular. Many people put a bench at the end of their bed that they sit on as they dress and undress or put their shoes on in the morning. Inside, people store anything from clothing, blanket, sheets, or even shoes. A shoe storage bench is especially handy if you subdivide the inside into compartments for each pair. That way your shoes are not scuffed by each other if they are all thrown in a pile.

Storage benches can be used in a variety of other ways as well. My parents’ house has a long hallway upstairs and at the end there is a window that looks out into the yard. They put a storage bench there and it serves as a great substitute for a built-in window seat. They use this space for extra sheets, and towels so that they are handy for guests when they arrive. Another popular use for storage benches is for toys. They make great toy boxes because you can put them in literally any room and no one will know that is what it is.

Storage seating for inside can be made out of a variety of materials but the most popular is wood. Wood is a fantastic material because it can be ornately carved, plain, stained, painted, or distressed. Its flexibility is only limited by one’s imagination. You can get a storage bench to match almost any décor and color scheme. Many benches are constructed out of a single material, but another popular option is to use one material for everything except for the seat and then use a second material for the seat itself. For example, a leather storage bench has a leather seat with a wooden base and backrest. The leather just makes it more comfortable to sit in while providing a decorative touch.

The materials for outdoor storage benches can also be varied. Wood is an option, but not as popular because it is hard to keep it from rotting or wearing when exposed to the elements. Many people purchase an outdoor storage bench made out of weatherproof materials like plastic or fiberglass. These materials will not rot like wood, but they can fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a number of years. Inexpensive benches like these will probably need to be replaced every three years or so. Another popular material, especially for a patio storage bench that must look like expensive furniture is metal. Metal storage benches are very durable and can last for many years as long as they are treated with some kind of anti-rusting chemicals.

People use outdoor storage benches for a variety of things. Some people store gardening equipment and then sit the bench in their garden so the tools are easily accessible and there is a place to sit and enjoy the garden. Others will use the storage bench for tools, extension cords, and other random items that would otherwise clutter up the garage. Some families use the storage benches to store toys or sporting equipment so it is handy if they want to get things out and play a game. It keeps the kids out of the garage where they might otherwise be stored and where possible accidents could occur.

A very popular use of the outdoor storage bench is at the pool. Pool owners will use the storage area for storing pool toys, pool cleaning equipment, and chemicals. If you have a storage bench near your pool, make sure that it is made of something that can withstand getting wet often and thoroughly. Some convenient features that I have seen in pool storage benches are small storage compartments in the arms for sunscreen or hats or a storage compartment that is actually a cooler where drinks and food can be stored.

No matter who you are or where you live, I am certain that you can find a use for a storage bench either inside, outside, or both. They are wonderful pieces of furniture that combine beauty and practicality.

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