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Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are a great piece of furniture for many reasons. First, a rocking chair can be helpful to many different kinds of users. A bursary rocking chair can be very soothing to a nursing or colicky baby. The smooth back and forth motion of the rocker can lull a baby to sleep. Rocking chairs can also help people who experience lower back pain because this style of chair takes a lot of the pressure off the lower back. The repetitive motion of a rocking chair or glider rocking chair has been proven to lower stress levels, blood pressure, and respiration rate. Finally, spending lots of time in outdoor rocking chairs is good for people who need to exercise their legs but cannot get around so well. The constant pushing off will help keep the leg muscles active. No matter what your motivation is for purchasing a rocking chair, you will be sure to find it relaxing and well worth the money. Some people become so attached to their rocking chairs that they purchase folding rocking chairs to take with them when they travel.

You need to think about what style rocking chair is best for you. The first style is what is called a Windsor rocking chair. The Windsor first was built near Windsor castle in England in the early 1700s, but it was the American version built near Philadelphia that became quite famous and is still widely produced today. A Windsor rocker has a back frame that is bent into a hoop for a curved top. Usually this top does not go up much higher than the shoulders of the user. Then the frame is connected to the seat with a series of spindles. Sometimes the spindles are cut across by a horizontal piece. The spindles also connect the armrests of the rocking chair with the seat. This is the perfect style of rocking chair if you are interested in rocking chair cushions. The rocking chair cushion will have ties and the spindles are perfect for securing the cushion to the seat.

The next style of rocking chair is a variation on the Windsor called a Boston rocking chair. The differences, between the Boston and the Windsor are that the Boston usually has a much higher back and the top is ornamented with a large rail and the seat. The seat of the Boston rocker is curved down in the front and up the back making a kind of S-curve. The curvy seat is supposed to conform better to the natural curves of your body. The arms of the chair usually curve in the same way as the seat. Because of the strange shape, rocking chair pads do not work well on this style of rocking chair.

The next type of rocking chair is a ladder back. Instead of spindles, the back of these rocking chairs has slats going across the back connecting the two upright pieces of the back frame. A very specific ladder-back rocking chair is the Shaker. The Shakers are a religious community that live and work very much apart from the rest of society. They have developed some very beautiful furniture line sand the Shaker rocking chair is just one. The rocking chair made by Shakers has a ladder back and typically tow finial decorations at the top of the back frame pieces. The seat is usually woven and made of leather, wool, or cane.

Another very beautiful and handmade variety of rocking chair is the Bentwood rocking chair. The Bentwood is a style originally made by the Thonet brothers in Vienna, Austria in the mid 1800s. The name comes from the method used to make it. Manufacturers of a Bentwood rocker will bend pieces of soft wood into various shapes to make all the parts of the rocking chair. There are very few straight pieces of wood. The back is often a long S shaped piece of wood and the arms can curve down into the rails so that they are all one long piece. These chairs are very beautiful. Because the seats are so deep, this chair provides a very deep rock, but they are hard to get in and out of. That is why they are not the best choice for mothers who will be holding infants or older users who have a hard time getting around as it is.

One final type of rocking chair is a very popular kind for outdoors. The wicker rocking chair of course refers to the style of weaving used to make it. Wicker is a great material for use outdoors because it is very durable and relatively weather resistant. Wicker rocking chairs have very high sides leading up to the arm rests and as a result, you need rather thick rocking chair cushions to make them comfortable.

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