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Rocking Chair Cushions

I love rocking chair cushions and rocking chair cushion sets because they are both functional and decorative. As I’ve mentioned I have little time for clutter and knickknacks. I think they get in the way and while decorative they serve no meaningful function. That doesn’t mean that I am a strictly utilitarian kind of person. I do appreciate beautiful pieces of furniture, but I prefer things that are more than purely ornamental in nature.

Indoor / outdoor rocking chair cushion

Indoor / outdoor rocking chair cushion

Just before the birth of my son, I gave my wife a beautiful traditional rocker for our nursery. I debated for some time between a rocker and glider. In the end, I decided that the potential for tiny arms or legs getting pinched under the rockers was acceptably low. My wife wanted to do the outfitting and decorating for the baby’s room, but I wanted to surprise her with the chair. I didn’t buy any padding for it just in case she got the impression that I was trying to step on her decorating toes. She loved the gift and was happy that I left her the task of picking out the rocking chair cushions for nursery. She selected bold red cushions to go along with the primary colors theme of the room. I’m glad I didn’t pick out any of the decorating elements because I would have gone with a retro chair theme. I don’t know if my wife was predicting the future or if her pick had an early influence, but red is my son’s favorite color. Either way, it ended up being a great choice for our baby rocking chair cushions.

Another reason I ended up selecting a rocker over a glider is my early research led me to the conclusion that replacing glider rocking chair cushions was just a hair more difficult than with the traditional chair. Also, the choice of patterns, styles, and levels of thickness is much smaller with glider cushions. Maintaining the cushions on our chair has been a breeze. We did have a laundry mishap which caused us to have pink rocking chair cushions for a brief period of time. Fortunately, our cushions were still in stock and we were able to replace them quickly.

Indoor versus Outdoor

You will find that mean difference between indoor rocking chair cushions and outdoor rocking chair cushions lays mainly with fabric options. With the cushions for indoor rocking chairs, you are not as concerned with color fastness. You can also select natural fiber based fabrics. Natural fibers tend to have a short half-life if they have to face the elements day in and day out. Outdoor cushions have to be sturdier and are generally made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, can stand up to the elements, but I feel like they’re not as pleasing to the touch. Although, sitting on wet cotton cushions is not any fun either. The great thing about rocking chair cushions is that they are easy to replace or clean so you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about it.

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