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Indoor Rocking Chairs

Simple indoor rocking chairIndoor rocking chairs are the kind of furniture item that make everyone think of something different, but something powerful. Some people think of simple, country living when they see a rocking chair. Others think of a nursing mother with her newborn baby. Still others might get a flash of their grandmother or grandfather. The image is different for everyone, but indoor rocking chairs normally make you think of something. In this way, rocking chairs are a very powerful piece of furniture.

If you are interested in an indoor rocking chair, then you will need to make at least three decisions on your way to buying the perfect rocker. The first is whether you want a traditional rocking chair or a more modern glider style rocking chair. The tradition rocker is the one with the two curved piece of wood attached to the bottom of the legs. A glider is a more mechanical contraption where the chair glides back and forth on rungs that are hidden by the bottom half of the chair or a skirt. The gliding motion mimics that of a traditional rocking chair. There advantages to both types. The tradition rocking chair will probably make you remember more memories but it is a little bit dangerous if you have a small child or a pet who can find their way under one of the rungs while you are rocking. The gliders sometimes give a smoother ride, but they are a bit noisier because there are metal parts being moved and as the rocker gets older you might notice more creaking and grinding noises.

Wooden indoor rocking chairThe next thing you need to think about is the material your indoor rocking chair will be made of. Wooden indoor rocking chairs are by far the most popular choice. Nevertheless, there are other options. There are metal rocking chairs, wicker rocking chairs, and even plastic rocking chairs. You need to make your decision based on the other decorating elements in the room where the rocker will be and also other pieces of furniture. If you are planning on putting the rocking chair in a living room that has nothing but glass and black metal furniture, the traditional wooden indoor rocking chair might look out of place.

The third thing you need to think about when you are picking out your rocking chair is how you want it to be decorated, if at all. The most common decorations or adornments for rocking chairs are indoor rocking chair cushions. You can buy cushions for the seat and/or the back of the rocking chair and they come in a multitude of colors, textures, shapes, and thicknesses. Think about the other colors in the room before you decide. In addition, some people like to carve something at the top of the back of the rocking chair, especially if it is a family heirloom that has been passed down in a family. You might find the family name or a symbol that means something to the family.

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