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Futon Furniture

When I hear the word futon, images of college dorm rooms and bachelor pad apartments pop into my mind. I always thought that futon furniture was for young adults and their sparse living spaces. Recently I have come to realize that futon furniture sets can be used in any home. You can visit an online futon furniture store and find pieces of futon furniture that would look good in any living room. A futon furniture center might also have furniture appropriate for your pre-teen or teenage children. Futons have come a long way and they a type of furniture that has many benefits.

One of the best benefits of futon furniture is that it is affordable. A futon sofa bed can be as little as half of the price of a regular sofa bed. If you are looking for an affordable way to increase the sleeping spaces available in your home or to give yr living room a modern look, then futons furniture could be the solution for you. Another benefit is that you can get a lot of function out of a small amount of space. Many teenagers want sitting arrangements in their bedrooms so they can gather with their friends to play video games or hang out, but there is usually not enough room to put both a bed and a couch. A futon is the perfect solution. It can be a sleeping place when he needs it or a social gathering place when friends are over. One last benefit of futon furniture is that the futon mattress is quite firm and provides excellent support. Many young adults sleep on very soft mattresses that do not provide the necessary support and end up with back problems. Futon mattresses are good for people with a bad back because they provide excellent support as long as you flip them regularly. You should flip a futon mattress about once every two months if you are sleeping on it every night.

There are several varieties of futon furniture available to the consumer. There is of course the traditional futon sofa bed which is a full size sofa or a full or queen size bed when flattened out. Another variation is the futon bunk bed. Futons bunk beds are filling up a futon furniture warehouse near you because they are very popular with teenagers and adolescents. They can leave the futon on the bottom portion of the bunk bed as a seating arrangement unless they have company for a sleep over. One last variation on normal futon furniture plans is the futon chair. Just as it sounds, this is a chair but has one feature that other futon furniture does not. The chairs typically have three different positions they can be used in. There is the upright seated position, a reclined seated position, and the horizontal position. When fully horizontal, the futon chair is the size of a twin bed.

No matter what variation on the futon furniture theme you have, there are three parts to the furniture that you need to decide on – the frame, the mattress, and the cover. The frame can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. You want to consider the other furniture in the room before choosing your frame because you want the futon to match the rest of the furniture as much as possible. For example, if the other furniture is wood then you should look for a frame with a similar stain. The mattress should be comfortable for you to sleep in if this is going to be your bed, or the bed for your guests. It used to be that futon mattresses were just thin pieces of foam, but that is not the case anymore. Some of them can be as thick as a normal mattress and they come with all kinds of padding and comfort built in. Try it out if at all possible. If you are ordering yr futon furniture direct from an online retailer, then make sure you check the dimensions carefully to ensure you have the right size sheets for the mattress. The last part to consider is the cover. The futon mattress cover is kind of like a slip cover on a regular couch. This is what everyone will see everyday when the futon is set up like a couch or chair. The colors, patterns, and textures of futon covers are vast. You can find a futon cover or almost any type of décor. One great thing about futon covers is that they can be changed. If you redecorate a room, you do not have to get a whole new couch or pay to have it reupholstered. Some important tips to remember about futon covers are that they should be stain resistant and washable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just wash your couch if it got a stain or just to spruce it up occasionally? That is another benefit of futon covers.

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