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Counter Height Tables

A popular choice for many breakfast nooks or kitchens is a counter height table. Counter height tables are just what they sound like. They are tables that sit approximately counter height above the ground, roughly 36 inches or higher. The height of a kitchen counter height table should be about the height of your kitchen counters. Another area of the home that these counter height tables sets are popular is in a game room or bar. There are several advantages to higher tables.

Round counter height tables are very popular

Round counter height tables are very popular

First, a counter height table set is usually high enough that people can stand around the table as well as sit in the high chairs or bar stools. So, more people can gather around the table than the number of chairs available. That makes counter height tables and chairs ideal for rooms where guests will gather or a party might take place. There will be more room for people to gather and talk comfortably. They will be comfortable because they will have a place to put their drink or food and because it is easier for people to be at ease if they have a piece of furniture to lean against or interact with rather than standing out in the open.

Second, if you are using this table in the kitchen or breakfast nook then people will be eating there and you will have to clean the floor under the table often. Counter height tables give you an advantage when cleaning because it is easier to get under them than a lower table. You do not have to bend over as far. In addition, this style of table usually has a base consisting of small legs so they are easy to clean around. Cleaning is not only easier under the table, it is also easier to clean the top of the counter height table and chairs because you do not have to bend over to reach them. Often, you can wipe down the table without bending at all.

Third, tables that are counter height have an aesthetic appeal with which other tables cannot compete. For someone who has an eye for order, he or she can appreciate having one line that extends from the counters in your kitchen to the table in the breakfast nook. In addition, the higher table and chairs have a sophisticated look about them. They look more mature. Perhaps that is because it is not common for families with small children to have tables at counter height because it would be hard for the kids to get in and out of the stools.

If you think the advantages of counter height tables are good, then you might want to start looking for your set online. There are not many sets of raised tables and chairs in most furniture stores. You should be able to find what you want online. Just like any other table and chair set, you can purchase these high seating arrangements in a wide variety of materials and styles. One thing to keep in mind is that the term counter height might mean something different to different vendors. Most people think of counter height as approximately 36 inches but definitions can vary anywhere from 35 inches to 48 inches. Make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of the table so that you can get chairs that will work.

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