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When you hear the term writing desk, you probably think of an antique piece of furniture that has no place in a modern home. What on earth would you need a writing desk for in this day of computers and technology? But, writing desks are more than just a place to write letters or prose. Even though that was the purpose of the antique writing desk when it was first introduced in the 1600s, this piece of furniture has evolved. Today, people use the writing desk for many things. Some people use it as a computer desk. This works well if you have a laptop or a very simple computer set up. Others use it as table to display pictures or hold flowers. Of course, what you use it for depends on what kind of writing desk you have.

The first type of writing desk is a single tiered table with one or two drawers in the front. This type of small writing desk is usually used as a table for displaying things. A common place to find small writing desks like these is in a foyer or breakfast nook. You typically find them in rooms where there is not a lot of room because these single tiered desks are usually thin and long. The advantage of this piece of furniture over a plain table is the drawer in the front. This small storage place is great for small things that usually do not have a place. You can keep your keys in there if you keep it in the foyer, or some matches to light candles if you have it in the breakfast nook. Anything that might come in handy, but otherwise does not have a storage space. This style of desk is sometimes called a Queen Anne writing desk.

Another type of writing desk is the secretary with a drop leaf. A secretary is a small desk that has a raised back with several small drawers, nooks, and cubbies used to store bills, paper, supplies, etc. These writing desks are almost exclusively made of wood. A wood writing desk is great because it can blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. The modern computer desks that you find today are usually made of plastic or metal and do not blend well in the living room or bedroom. In addition to being made of wood, the secretary with a drop leaf blends in especially well because the flat desk part of the writing desk folds up to cover the storage compartments leaving a small table. The drop leaf folds down to be your writing or work surface when you need it and hides your clutter when you are not using it.

Along the same lines are hutches with roll tops. A hutch is a larger version of a secretary and instead of a drop leaf you will usually find a roll top that covers the whole desk and all the storage when it is not in use. Again, wood is the most common material of construction. A cherry writing desk with a roll top can look quite sophisticated and would fit right in if you had a classically decorated living room, den, or home office. This desk is also a good choice if you need to put a laptop or small computer screen on it because they are bigger than the varieties we have discussed so far. If you are looking for a computer writing desk then the hutch is a good pick.

Even though they are used for modern purposes, most traditional writing desks have an antique look. One way that you can make them look more traditional is to paint them white. Imagine a desk with ornate carvings along the top and sides that is all white. A white writing desk would look great in a little girl’s room that features light colors like pink or yellow. On the other end of the spectrum is a writing desk that has a more modern look. No ornate decorations or light colors. A black writing desk painted with glossy paint would be perfect for a boy’s room. Children can often get away with writing desks because they usually do not have large computer setups and have relatively simple needs for their desks.

If you are looking for more room than any one writing desk can provide then you might consider putting two side by side or push two into a corner making an L-shaped workspace. A corner writing desk is perfect for an office or den where you have more room. If the opposite is your problem and you do not have room for any more furniture in tour house then you could consider a portable writing desk. Portable desks are meant to sit in the lap and provide a surface for writing or for sitting a laptop. Sometimes the bottoms come equipped with a cushion to make the desk more comfortable on your legs.

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