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Computer Desk

There was a time when people left their work at work and they didn’t do work at home. Also, people did not use computers for entertainment the way they do today. At that time, dens, offices, or family rooms might have desks, but they did not need to accommodate a computer. In most modern homes, however, a computer is a must and therefore, you need a computer desk. Computer desks are special desks that are made especially to handle a computer and all the parts that go with it. There are several different styles of computer desks and they can be made of a variety of materials. With the variety available today, you will be able to find something to match any décor.

Computer Desk Features

There are certain attributes that make computer desks unique from other desk workspaces. First, many of them have shelves or cabinets for the tower unit. If you use a normal desk that is not especially made for a computer then there will be no shelf and the tower will most likely sit under the desk limiting your leg and foot room. Or, you will have to put the tower on top of or beside the desk, both of which are eye sores. Some desks will even have drawers or compartments for printers or scanners as well.

The second feature that is common in a computer desk is holes in the top of the desk for cords to travel through. The accessories for your computer such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers all have wires that need to connect to the tower unit. The conveniently placed holes will allow you to run the cords directly to the tower without junking up your desktop or the floor around your work station.

Some computer desks come with multiple pieces to form a full workspace. A computer desk with hutch is quite common so that you have some storage space for bills or projects you may be working on. The hutch will typically have a large cut out space for your monitor and several small shelves surrounding it for easy access. The hutch will probably have a hole in the back rather than having a hole in the desk top.

Computer Desk Styles

The style of your computer desk can match the rest of the home furniture you have. For example, if you have modern home furniture in most of your house you might consider a glass computer desk for its modern look. With a glass computer desk, you cannot hide anything. Even if there are holes for cords and a shelf for the computer tower, you will be able to see everything so it is important to keep things neat. Maybe for this reason you will see laptops used more often in modern furnished homes. Glass computer desks are usually pretty sparse in that there are usually just four legs with open space underneath rather than slid desk construction. In addition, hutches and side tables are also not popular.

However, if you have a more traditionally furnished home then you might consider a wooden computer desk and more specifically a pine computer desk. Wood can be stained to match almost any décor or you could even paint it if you wanted. Pine is a popular choice for office furniture because it is durable yet in expensive. If you have kids or you yourself are exceptionally hard on furniture, it is good not to have anything that is too expensive or hard to replace in case it gets damaged.

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