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Glass Top Dining Table

There’s a lot of buzz going around right now about glass table tops so I thought I would add my two cents. They are part of a larger trend toward elegant simplicity and openness which suits my tastes over the stuffy and cluttered decorating trends of past generations. I think it has been fascinating to watch the progression toward today’s glass top dining table set over the past few decades.

The first time I noticed that glass had started to move into the world of furniture was in context hotels, banks, or other public areas. In these situations, the glass top served more of a protective function rather than a structural or design purpose. A wooden coffee table or end table would have simple sheet of glass with beveled edges laid on top of the actual furniture. Basically, the glass was a giant coaster, meant only to protect the underlying wood from moisture, scratches, or ink stains. During, this time period you could regularly see cracks or nicks on the annealed glass layer. The much stronger and safer tempered glass was still too expensive to be used in such mundane things like furniture.

As the price of tempered glass fell it became more and more common to find a round glass top dining table out on a patio. I think it makes sense that glass found its first design applications in outdoor furniture. Wood is notoriously hard to maintain when subjected to the elements. The same problem holds true for most iron based furniture. That brings me to one of the benefits of owning a piece of furniture like a rectangular glass top dining table.

Modern Glass Top Dining Table Convenience

My kids are quite messy and not unlike most other children that I’ve come across. It is cause for great celebration if they haven’t spill a cup full of milk or knocked over a bowl of food during a meal. Thankfully, it’s so easy to clean up any spills, pencil marks, or crayon marks that happen to befall my square glass top dining table. All I have to do is clean up the bulk of the mess, then apply a couple squirts of glass cleaner, and finish the job with a swipe or two of a paper towel. In just a couple of moments, you’ve gone from a giant mess to a clean surface. Since, it is glass I don’t have to feel like I have to rush. Unlike, wood or some stone materials most household spills won’t damage or stain glass. This gives me the freedom to go and fight this little fire after I’ve finished fighting the more urgent ones. Unfortunately, liquids like to travel. If it looks like that larger spill is going to make its way onto your hardwood floor installation or your wooden chairs, you might have to hurry.

Styles and Shapes

Glass topped tables come in all the shapes and styles that other tables come in. You can pick from round, square, or oval shape. You also have your choice of bistro, counter high, classic, and low tables.

Even though it is more common to find glass top dining tables where the glass is only material on the table top surface, it is easy to find tables where the glass serves only protective function. For example, wicker tables often come with a glass top. The top will keep any spills away from the delicate wicker while at the same time minimize spills that are often caused by wicker’s uneven surface. Keep in mind that you can always order a custom cut glass top for any table if you haven’t found a glass only table that you like.

You have a wide range of finishes, colors, and shapes to choose from, so you can be very selective and find the perfect table for your tastes. My personal favorite is a large rectangle glass top dining table for dining rooms. The rectangular aspect re-enforces the clean lines and openness of the decorating style that I tend to favor. However, if you’re looking for a table for your kitchen an oval or round top might be more appropriate to balance out the hard lines and right angles the kitchen cabinets and appliances tend to provide.

It’s pretty uncommon to find a table entirely made of glass. In most cases you will have to select a glass top dining table base. There many options for base materials and styles. The base can be made of hardwood or metal like aluminum. For example, the picture shows a picture of a pub table. The pub table is round with curved metal legs as the base. I think this piece very elegant would go well in gazebo or veranda overlooking a garden.

Pub style glass top dining table

Pub style glass top dining table

The bases can be a single pedestal or have four legs. Other common bases include trestle style or tubular scissors design that enables an adjustable height.

Stunning black glass top dining table with extension insert

Stunning black glass top dining table with extension insert

If you like the modern design trends, then a contemporary glass top dining table is waiting for you.

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