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Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are very versatileA wicker basket is a great organizational and decorating tool. As far as baskets go, wicker baskets are relatively inexpensive, yet durable. They can add special warmth to any space, indoors or out. The most common material used for making wicker baskets is rattan, which is an Asian palm tree that is found growing in tropical forests. Wicker baskets can be woven into almost any shape and if the weaver is talented, you can weave in designs and subtle color variations that almost make each basket look like a piece of art. One very good attribute of wicker baskets is that they are very easy to clean. You can run a vacuum over them to get any surface dirt and if something spills on them, you just have to wipe them down with a damp cloth. Of course, white wicker baskets get dirty easier and need to be cleaned more often and more carefully. If you are interested in doing a really deep cleaning then you could scrub them with Murphy’s Oil, but that really isn’t necessary for every day cleaning. Given, their versatility, durability, and relatively easy up keep wicker baskets can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Uses for Small Wicker Baskets

wicker basket with lidOne room in your home that is sure to need a small wicker basket is your living room or family room. Many people use small wicker baskets on their coffee table to hold TV remotes and the like so that they are out of the way but easily accessible. Our family has a very complicated home theater system that uses no less than five remotes so we have a medium sized wicker basket with lid to hide all the various electronics. In addition to remotes, your living room can have small wicker baskets for magazines, coffee table books, DVDs, or CDs. Anything that gets put on a table surface and creates clutter can be stored in a wicker basket instead.

You can also find interesting uses for smaller wicker baskets outdoors. For example, wicker is a great material for a flower pot. The wicker flower pot is ideal because it allows the soil to breathe and any excess water to escape so that you do not drown your plants. Also, the wicker basket can have interesting designs weaved into it so that your flower pot is also a work of art. Another clever outdoor use for small wicker baskets is as a bird feeder. If you wicker basket has a handle then you can hang it over almost anything and fill it with birdseed. The small holes in the side of the wicker bird feeder allow birds to eat the seed through the sides.

wicker picnic basketPerhaps one of the most common wicker baskets is the picnic basket. There is a very wide range of quality and price when it comes to wicker picnic baskets. Some are just simple one compartment baskets with a lid that you can use to carry a meal. While others have multiple compartments and places for glasses, plates, wine bottles, etc. The one common element among all picnic baskets is the handle. IT would be extremely inconvenient to have to carry your meal with two hands since usually you are hiking to your lunch spot or carrying other things like a blanket or outdoor games.

Uses for Large Wicker Baskets

Except for, perhaps, the kitchen no other area of most households have as much storage requirements as the typical master bedroom. A large wicker basket can save you space in a few different ways. I was recently given a tour of one of my friend’s house. Her bedroom was decorated in lovely earth tones. The only downside to the room was the use of an old and beat up plastic laundry basket as her clothes hamper. I suggested that she buy two large wicker laundry hampers. One should be an off-white or white wicker basket and the other a darker brown. She could put her lights in the beige hamper and her darks in the brown one. Right off the bat she could see the practicality of my idea. She would be gaining floor space because her dirty clothes would be stored vertically instead of horizontally. The wicker style and color choice would easily slip into her decorating motif. Best of all, a good deal of her time spent doing the laundry would be cut out because her clothes are already separated.

Another common use for a larger wicker basket is as a storage place for toys. Wicker baskets are great because they are very durable and they can handle being kicked by your kids or having toys thrown into them. I know that my son likes to make the cleaning up of his toys into a basketball game and throws them into the wicker toy storage basket we have from across the room. Another advantage to wicker basket for toy storage is that they are easy for kids to get into. My youngest could pull herself up on the edge of the wicker toy basket before she could even stand and reach for toys. Toy boxes and trunks are more difficult because they have a lid and because they are often deeper. Wicker baskets can be shallower and larger to fit as many toys in.

Wicker baskets can make good trash cans too. Sometimes, trash cans are not very attractive and if there is not a convenient place to store the trash can like a cabinet then they become an eyesore. Wicker baskets can hold the weight of your trash and are attractive so it is not as big of a deal to keep them out in the open. Wicker trash cans are especially popular in bathrooms.

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