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Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps are one of those timeless designs that many people have tried to imitate over the years. A true Tiffany lamp is one made by Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was the son of Charles Tiffany, the founder of the famous jewelry store Tiffany and Company in New York City. Many people wrongly assume that Tiffany lamps were just an extension of the jewelry business, but Tiffany Studios was its own venture and Louis Tiffany worked quite separately from his father. Tiffany was an artist and first started experimenting with glass while making stained glass windows. His true success was in the fact that he managed to make colored glass so that the color was actually in the glass rather than painting color on top of the glass the way other artists did at the time.

If you are looking to purchase an authentic Tiffany lamp then you should look for a few things. First, every Tiffany lamp base is signed. Whether they were for Tiffany table lamps, or Tiffany floor lamps, each bronze base is signed “Tiffany Studios New York” and has a model number on it. Make sure that the base is truly bronze. Some copies or imitations use other materials that are not as heavy. Your antique Tiffany lamp might have a signature on the lampshade, but that is not a requirement. Many Tiffany lamp shades are not signed but they are just as authentic. Because they are so rare, these lighting fixtures can be quite expensive.

The price depends on a few factors including the quality of the glass, the size of the lamp, the model type, and the design. The better the glass, the more expensive the lamp will be. Tiffany used four major different types of glass over his career of varying quality. A 20-inch lamp will cost more than an 18-inch lamp so size is definitely a factor when buying and selling Tiffany lamps. The model is something that you must also take into consideration. There are three basic models including floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers. The different models will fetch different prices. Finally, the design of the lampshade makes a difference. There are two basic types of designs that Tiffany worked with including floral and geometric. The floral designs are generally worth more than the geometric ones. This is probably because the floral ones were done later in his career. The geometric patterns cam be pictures of almost anything but they are constructed using only basic shaped pieces of glass like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.

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