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Patio Chair Cushions

Patio chair cushion on a lounge chairA lot of patio furniture is designed to be used with patio chair cushions. If this is the case, there are three basic types of cushions. First, there are outdoor patio chair cushions that are meant to cover only the seat portion of the chair. Second, there are cushions that cover the seat and then fold the cover the back of the chair as well. Third, there are cushions that are shaped for nontraditional seats like benches or lounge chairs. No matter what kind of patio chair cushion you need, you can get them in almost any pattern or color your desire.

The category of cushions that cover only the seat can be subdivided into several different shapes. You can have square cushions or round patio chair cushions. If your chairs have a rounded front or back and the other three sides are straight then you can get cushions that are shaped appropriately. If your cushions are square, they can have square corners or rounded corners. Which you choose depends on the look you are going for. Square corners have a more angled and modern look while rounded corners are softer. The type of chair will dictate what variety is best for your patio. For example, round cushions are most appropriate for chairs that are not very deep and rather small.

If you are in the market for replacement patio chair cushions, there are many different options available to you. Fist, you can find discount patio chair cushions at large stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Target or Wal-Mart. The cushions available in these stores are not as varied as what you could get from an online store, but they are usually less expensive. If you need something quickly, then this is your best option. Buying from online stores will give you more variety because it is easier for these retailers to carry large inventories. If you cannot find anything that you like from a brick and mortar store or an online home goods store, then you can look into custom patio chair cushions. When buying custom made cushions, you are not limited by fabric or size choices. You can pick any combination of fabric and size that you need. This is usually the best option for unusual chair cushions like benches or lounge chairs.

One way to save some money on your patio cushions is to make them yourself. You essentially can get custom patio cushions without having to pay the premium price. The only supplies and tools that you will need is the fabric for the cushions, the high-density foam, and a sewing machine. If you decide to make your own then remember to cut the foam approximately one inch larger than the fabric in every dimension. This will give the cushions a firm feeling when you sit on them. Another trick for making your own chair cushions is using the right kind of fabric and foam. You want to use a weather and sun resistant fabric like Sunbrella and make sure you get mildew proof foam. That way your chair cushions will not mold or be ruined by the rain and will not fade in the summer sun.

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