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Outdoor Table Lamps

Decorating your outdoor patio, deck, or gazebo can be a great way to improve the appeal of your home. It is nice to have a place to entertain during nice weather. But, you want to make sure that your outdoor fun can continue into the evening hours so outdoor table lamps are essential. An outdoor table lamp will ensure that you have enough lighting to continue entertaining or enjoying the outdoors after dark. There are many different varieties and brands of outdoor table lamps and you should consider a few attributes before making a purchase. Be careful when purchasing cheap outdoor table lamps because they might not have all of the things that make a lamp appropriate for the outdoors. One especially nice brand is Kichler outdoor table lamps.

Kichler makes quality outdoor table lamps

Kichler makes quality outdoor table lamps

One trait of outdoor table lamps is that they should be completely weatherproof. Of course this mean making sure that the switch, cord, and plug are weatherproof as well as the lamp stand and the lamp shade. What makes a lamp base and shade weatherproof is the material they are made of. Many outdoor table lamp bases are made of wicker and the shades are made of Sunbrella fabric or washable fabrics so that they weather will not harm them. Because of the wicker, a lot of your lighting choices end up looking like tropical outdoor table lamps that belong on the patio of a bungalow. If you are careful about the outdoor lamp shade, though you can be sure that your lamp will look lovely no matter where you live. Make sure that you look for weatherproof cord and plug to be referenced in the product description because you want to make sure to avoid any electrical accidents. In addition, some outdoor table lamps will also come with an unbreakable waterproof light bulb enclosure to protect the light bulb.

The next characteristic that you should consider is the weight of the outdoor table lamp. It should have a relatively heavy base so that it is more difficult to knock over in winds stronger than a breeze. Outdoor table lamp shades are particularly problematic for their matching lamps because they can act like kites in the wind. A medium strength wind will knock over a lamp, while a heavier wind can send a lamp shape or a lamp shape plus lamp flying. If you know that a storm is predicted for your area, I would be proactive and place the lamp under the table that it normally sits under or I might even go as far as bringing it inside. In addition to weight, shorter outdoor table lamps are less likely to blow away or be knocked over than ones that are especially tall. Test the stability of your lamp when the weather is nice. If it seems easy to tip over when the air is still then it will most certainly fall prey to a summer storm.

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