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Outdoor Seat Cushions

If you are trying to save some money when redecorating your outdoor patio or deck, one way is to replace only your outdoor seat cushions rather than replacing the furniture. Even if your furniture is looking old and weather worn, you can purchase new outdoor seat cushions that compliment your furniture nicely and create a whole new look. For example, teak furniture tends to fade to a grey color over time so you could purchase new seat cushions for your patio furniture that have black or grey tones in them to complement you furniture. Alternatively, you could choose different patterns and colors for the different seasons. Patio seat cushions can be brightly colored during the spring and summer but full of red and brown hues in the fall.

In addition to sprucing up the look of your patio, outdoor seat cushions should be replaced occasionally regardless. You generally want to replace them every ten years or so. Other signs that mean you should change them sooner are that the front end of the cushion will start to curve over and the seat will sag in the middle. In general, the seat cushions will not be as comfortable.

You can purchase outdoor cushions in almost any color or fabric patter. Large home stores like Home Depot or Lowes have outdoor sections that sell patio furniture and discount outdoor seat cushions of varying thicknesses and shapes. Some cushions are square; some have rounded corners or a rounded back. Some outdoor seat cushions have ties to keep the cushions on the seat while others have pads on the bottom to keep them from sliding. However, outdoor cushions are not limited to chairs. You can buy bench cushions, cushions for chaise lounges, or floor cushions. If you are looking for a seat cushion that is an odd size or for an unusual piece of furniture, then you can order custom outdoor seat cushions from any number of online retailers.

When you decide to buy, you should consider a few things. First, make sure that the patterns or colors that you pick put for your new cushions match your furniture. For example, some patio furniture is painted and you would not want to pick a cushion fabric that clashes. Also, consider the thickness of your outdoor seat cushion. Deeper chairs like those made of wicker look better with a thick seat cushion, while rod iron furniture with no sides would look better with a thin cushion. You also need to look for weather and sun resistant fabrics to ensure that your outdoor cushions will not get moldy when it rains or fade in the summer sun. Several brands on the market are made specifically for outdoor use.

If you do not want to buy entirely new cushions then you could just replace the cushion foam. Many outdoor or patio cushions have a zipper so that you can take the outer fabric off to wash. If this is the case with your cushions, then you can just purchase new foam to give your patio furniture a facelift. When buying new filling for your outdoor seat cushions you should buy it approximately one inch larger in each dimension than the cushion so that it is slightly contracted when you put the cover on. This will provide more support for those who sit in the chair or on the bench.

New cushions for your outdoor furniture can cost anywhere from $25 a piece to $250 a piece depending on the size of the cushion and whether or not it has to be custom made. If you are interested in saving some money on cushions that would normally have to be custom made then you can try o make them yourself. All you really need is the fabric, some foam, and a sewing machine. You can find patterns and instructions online or on any number of decorating TV shows.

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