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Highlighting Lamp Parts

When you dissect any kind of lamp there are three basic lamp parts that include the base, the light source, and the shade. There are many smaller lamp parts that make up these three basic categories; but essentially, they are the three things you will need to construct a lamp.

The base is usually a good place to start. The lamp base can be made of ceramic, plastic, metal, or any material. Brass lamp parts are quite popular for living room furniture. Table lamp parts usually include a large base that is circular in shape or at least wide at the bottom so that it can balance and support a large shade easily. Floor lamp parts usually include a flat circle that is very heavy so that it provides a stable foundation and the tall lamp will not tip. One lamp variation that requires special parts are touch lamps. Touch lamp parts include a special base that can detect the touch of a hand or finger to turn the lamp on or off. The base also includes the socket for a light bulb or the vessel for another source of light.

The type of lamp determines the light source. For example, electric lamp parts include an incandescent or halogen light bulb but oil lamp parts or kerosene lamp parts include a vessel that holds oil or kerosene and a wick. Some light bulbs are designed to be used in lamps that have an on and an off position. Other lamp bases are more complicated and require a three-way light bulb that has three different levels of illumination as well as an off position.

Typically, the lightbulb or open flame from a burning wick is covered with a lampshade. The lampshade parts can be made of a variety of materials like fabric, glass, or punctured metal. Antique lamp parts often include a stained glass lampshade that sheds colored light throughout the room. Vintage lamp parts can also include lampshades that are blacked out in places or made of metal with a pattern punched out so that when the lamp is on, a pattern or picture is projected onto the walls or ceiling. Lampshades are an important lamp part and often give the lamp the majority of its personality.

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