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Drawer Knobs

Replacing the drawer knobs is a quick and relatively in expensive way of giving cabinets, drawers, or furniture a new look. The most common places that you will replace drawer knobs are on kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and dresser drawers. If you decide to tackle this home improvement project then there are many choices that you will have to make on what kind of drawer knobs you would like to install. The material that they are made of, the shape, and the finish are three things to think about.

A fun cupcake drawer knob

A fun cupcake drawer knob

First, you need to decide on the material your drawer knobs will be made out of. There is a wide variety of choices. Some examples of drawer knob materials are glass, metal, porcelain, ceramic, wood, or plastic. Different materials are more appropriate for different rooms and functions because they vary widely in durability and decorating options. Kitchen drawer knobs will probably receive a lot of use and they have a great chance of being bumped by people or heavy grocery bags. For this reason, you want them to be especially tough and durable. Wooden knobs are quite common if you have wooden kitchen cabinets. Plastic or metal drawer knobs are also durable. The bathroom is a place where you can afford to have more delicate drawer knobs. Glass and porcelain drawer knobs are very common in this room.

Next, you need to decide on the shape of your drawer knobs. Probably the most common shape is circular or round drawer knobs. But this is by no means your only option. Drawer knobs can be round, square, rosette shape or custom shaped. Rosettes are common with glass knobs and square is found often with metal knobs. But you are not restricted to these basic shapes. Many kids drawer knobs are shaped like animals or other fun items. Letting your child pick out sports drawer knobs or star drawer knobs is a great way to make them feel like they are part of the home improvement project. They will also gain a sense of ownership, and possibly a sense of responsibility, for the newly decorated bathroom or dresser. Children’s drawer knobs are fun and usually pretty inexpensive so they can easily be changed as your child grows and their interests change.

The last thing you want to think about is the finish of your drawer knobs. You can have almost any color drawer knobs you desire because there is different colored glass or almost any other material can be painted. Other finish options are available for metal drawer knobs. For example, you can have a polished chrome finish or a burnt copper finish. Another way to decorate your drawer knobs is to paint small stencils on them or buy them with decals already on them. Porcelain drawer knobs quite typically have a small flower design on them.

The decisions you make will affect whether you end up with antique drawer knobs or contemporary drawer knobs. You want to try to tie your drawer knobs into other decorative elements in the room. For example, if you have an older house with glass door knobs on the bathroom or kitchen doors then glass drawer knobs would help to accentuate that element. Or, if your kitchen or breakfast nook has a lighting fixture made of metal and is square then you might want to put square metal drawer knobs on your kitchen cabinets. And if your dresser has stencils painted on it then you should consider decorative drawer knobs that match the stencil pattern. Dresser drawer knobs also can play off of the color schemes in your bedroom quite easily.

If you want to try to update your cabinetry or furniture with new drawer knobs you might be wondering where you go to purchase them. Your best bet is to look online. There are many internet retailers that sell a wide variety of designs that you do not have access to in a store. Because they are serving a much larger customer pool, online drawer knob stores can have a much wider selection than the local hardware store. But it is possible to end up spending a great deal of money on custom drawer knobs if you go to an online vendor. If you are interested in cheap drawer knobs or discount drawer knobs then you probably should go to your local home improvement warehouse like Lowes or Home Depot. You will find bins of stock drawer knobs at a low price.

You don’t have to go as far as cabinet refacing to freshen up the look of your kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference simply replacing your drawer knobs can make.

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