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Cabinet Pulls

Sometimes something very small can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels. Cabinet pulls are just such an item. Your kitchen or bathroom can be completely transformed by changing the cabinet pulls. A cabinet pull is the handle on your cabinet that allows you to open it. There are many different styles of kitchen cabinet pulls available in a wide variety of materials and finishes from numerous vendors. One rather well known manufacturer of cabinet pulls is Amerock. Amerock cabinet pulls are among some of the best available. Choose your cabinet hardware carefully to make sure that you get the style and look that you desire.

The style you choose for your kitchen cabinet pull can be one of many. The most common and plain choice is a bar pull. This is your standard cabinet hardware with no moving parts that resembles miniature towel rods. The bars are fixed to the cabinet door at the two ends and the bar is extended away from the cabinet making a very wide and short U. Another popular choice are cabinet or drawer knobs. Knobs come in many different sizes and shapes. You can find round, square, or irregular shaped knobs that are meant to be clutched by a few fingers or the entire hand. Make sure that you try out your kitchen cabinet handles before you buy to make sure that they are comfortable to hold in your hand. You will be using your kitchen more than anyone else will so it is important that the pulls are ergonomically comfortable for you to use.

Additional cabinet pull styles include the ring pull and the closely related bail pull. A ring pull is a piece of hardware that is attached to the cupboard in one spot and has a ring hanging from it. The user will put a finger in the ring and pull to open the cabinet. The rings can swing freely and you will sometimes hear clinking when you open and close the cabinets. The bail pull is similar to the ring pull in that there is a free swinging component. Instead of a ring, the bail pull features a handle that looks like a bar pull. There is one other cabinet pull that has a moving part and that is a pendant pull. The pendant pull has a single bar that is attached at the top but swings away from the cabinet so that you can use it to pull the cabinet open.

There are two more styles of cabinet pulls available. The first is the cup pull. Imagine a very short cup that is approximately four to five inches in diameter and one to two inches tall. Then cut that cup in half from top to bottom. Take the resulting half cup and attach the rim of the cup to the cabinet with the open side facing down. Now the cup is a handle that you can use to open the cabinet. This configuration is the cup pull. A related style is recessed cabinet pulls. These are spaces cut out of the cabinet door so that there is a depression where you can put your fingers or hand. These cabinet pulls are used quite often in modern kitchens because they give a very streamlined look.

Once you have chosen the style that feels right in your hand and will go with the theme of your kitchen, you need to choose the finish for the hardware. Glass cabinet pulls can be beautiful and are found most often in the knob style. Bronze cabinet pulls or more specifically oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls are also quite popular. This finish is used in almost all styles of cabinet hardware. One of my favorite finishes is satin nickel cabinet pulls. This finish reminds me of stainless steel and goes quite well with my stainless steel appliances. Other possible materials and finishes include wood, copper, ceramic, aluminum, brass, or iron.

Once you have chosen the hardware you want, make sure you get all the necessary tools for attaching it such as a drill, screwdriver, and screws. Most cabinet pulls are sold individually and include the screws; but check to make sure. Also, remember to but about twenty percent more than the number you think you will need in case you ever need to replace any. Check to see if your new cabinet pulls will match up with the holes from your old pulls. There are three possibilities. The first is that they match perfectly and you will need no additional materials. The second is that the new hardware will cover the old holes. In this case, you will also not need any additional materials. The last case is one where the old holes will be visible with the new cabinet pulls installed. If this is your situation then make sure to purchase some putty to fill in the holes and the appropriate sand paper, stain, and sealer to make those holes disappear.

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Comment from Sari
Time October 5, 2009 at 4:36 am

Instead of filling up holes in your cabinetry with putty which is a bit unsightly, try using a cabinet backplate- a stylish way to cover up the holes.

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