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Outdoor Lighting

When you buy your first house, you get very excited about all the interior decorating you have to do. Choosing colors and buying pieces of home furniture like a couch or computer desk can be fun. Few homeowners anticipate that after the inside is taken care of, you will also have to decorate or appoint [...]

Pool Furniture

If you have an outdoor pool, then you will most likely want some pool furniture to sit around the pool for when you or your guests are finished swimming. Pool furniture comes in many different materials and styles of outdoor pool furniture. The material of construction that you choose could dictate how much maintenance is [...]

Offset Patio Umbrellas

An offset patio umbrella or cantilever umbrella is an umbrella where the base is off to one side rather than directly underneath like most patio umbrellas. Typically, patio umbrellas are meant to slide into a hole in the middle of a patio table. Offset patio umbrellas do not require a table at all. The offset [...]

Hammock Chair Stand

Hammocks are a great way to relax. Unfortunately, they are somewhat hard to get in and out of which makes them unappealing to a large number of people. A great alternative is a hammock chair. Hammock chairs have all the comfort of a hammock without the floundering to get out of the lying position when [...]

Beach Lounge Chairs

One purchase that almost every vacationer will make in their lifetime is a set of beach lounge chairs. They are an essential for anybody who visits a beach. The main benefit of the beach lounge chair is that it prevents you from getting sand all over your bottom. Unless you are a small child, there [...]