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Choosing the Right Kitchen Table

The piece of furniture in most homes that sees the most use is the kitchen table. Kitchen tables are not only used for meals. Some families gather there to do homework, pay bills, play games, visit with company, or work on projects. Because of the many ways that families use their kitchen tables, there is [...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Pantry Cabinet

Pantry cabinets are a substitute for actual walk-in pantries, a household area that pretty much does not exist anymore. Many older homes have converted the pantry to a mudroom or second entrance to the house through the kitchen. Since most people do not use actual pantries anymore, the pantry cabinet has become quite popular and [...]

Counter Height Tables

A popular choice for many breakfast nooks or kitchens is a counter height table. Counter height tables are just what they sound like. They are tables that sit approximately counter height above the ground, roughly 36 inches or higher. The height of a kitchen counter height table should be about the height of your kitchen [...]

Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

One way that you might save some money on your kitchen remodeling project is to buy your kitchen cabinets wholesale. Kitchen cabinets wholesale prices are usually lower than what you would see in a retail store, even for the same cabinet. Buying your kitchen cabinets wholesale will save you money but there a few things [...]