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Futon Bunk Beds

Most of the time, your kids’ rooms are the smaller bedrooms in the house so you are always looking for ways to save space. As kids get older, they start to want furniture in their bedrooms other than a bed and dresser. Many children have televisions, gaming consoles, etc in their rooms and want to [...]

Advantages of a Queen Platform Bed

The first question you might ask is what is a platform bed? A platform bed is a box that takes the place of a box spring mattress. Your mattress sits on top of the box platform. These platforms are usually made out of plywood or hardwood, but metal is also used sometimes. There are many [...]

Captain’s Bed

We will continue with our current theme of maximizing storage space by discussing the pros and cons of captain’s beds which are also referred to as the mate’s beds. A captain’s bed is a type of storage bed. Essentially, it is a platform bed with storage compartments underneath. Generally, these storage areas come in the [...]

Futon Beds

Futon beds are famous among college students and bachelors alike. There are many reasons why a futon bed enjoys such popularity in places like dorm rooms and small apartments. However, let’s begin with a little history. Western futons are derived from a traditional Japanese bedding style generally known as futon. In the Japanese style the [...]