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Advantages of a Queen Platform Bed

The first question you might ask is what is a platform bed? A platform bed is a box that takes the place of a box spring mattress. Your mattress sits on top of the box platform. These platforms are usually made out of plywood or hardwood, but metal is also used sometimes. There are many different styles of platform beds to discuss. There are also many advantages and disadvantages associated with a queen platform bed frame and this article will explain some. It is also important to choose the right kind of mattress for a platform queen bed. The wrong mattress can make the setup very uncomfortable.

Probably the biggest advantage of a platform bed is the availability for storage space. There are many different ways to access the storage, but the most common in with drawers. Typically, there will be a set of drawers on both sides of the bed that pull out. Alternatively, in some platform beds there are only drawers at the foot of the bed. Even though drawers are the most common, there are two other storage options. Some platform beds are fitted with a lid that flips up to reveal storage space under the platform. The problem with the storage method is that you need to remove the mattress to access it. One final way to access the storage space under your queen size platform bed is have it fitted with a hydraulic lift. The entire bed with the mattress on top is lifted up into the air so that you can pull things out from underneath. This variety of bed seems a little extreme, though.

There are many other advantages to queen platform beds. When platforms are constructed for beds, they can be of two types of construction. The first is a box with a solid top and the second is one with a slatted top. If you choose the slatted variety, then you need to make sure that the slats are frequent enough to eliminate any sagging of the mattress. If you follow this guideline, platform beds offer great support. Another advantage is that they are often very low to the ground and understated. This combination results in making your bedroom look more spacious. In addition to a more spacious bedroom, the platform bed queen size gives your room a modern look. The clean and straight lines are very sleek and therefore very modern. The simplicity of the shape and understated design of platform beds mean that you have a lot of versatility in how you decorate your bedroom. With other bedroom furniture that has large headboards and shapes, you are locked into a decorating style. You can do literally anything when your bed is just a box.

There are also a few disadvantages associated with a queen platform bed with storage. Probably the most common complaint is that they are too low to the ground, which makes them difficult to get in and out of. If you have problems with your back or knees, then you might be in pain when getting in and out of bed. The low stature of a platform bed can also be considered a detriment to some because it kind of looks like a futon or children’s bed. To solve this problem you can make sure you get a platform bed that is built up higher.

Overall, platform beds, queen size or any other, are a good addition to any bedroom that is looking to change to a more modern or simplistic look. As modern as they may be, a platform bed is actually reminiscent of some of the earliest beds known to human kind. Once upon a time people slept on raised platforms made of stone, or earth. Of course, our more modern version of a sleeping platform has attributes like storage, headboards, footboards, and big comfortable mattresses. One type of mattress that is particularly comfortable and appropriate for a queen platform bed is a foam memory mattress. These mattresses have very straight lines and do not look to puffy. That look compliments the modern lines of a platform bed.

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