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Futon Bunk Beds

Most of the time, your kids’ rooms are the smaller bedrooms in the house so you are always looking for ways to save space. As kids get older, they start to want furniture in their bedrooms other than a bed and dresser. Many children have televisions, gaming consoles, etc in their rooms and want to be able to relax while they enjoy those methods of entertainment. But there never seems to be enough room to add a couch to the floor plan. One possible solution is a futon bunk bed. “But bunk beds are for kids,” your preteen might say. Futon bunk beds are significantly cooler than regular bunk beds and most young adults will find them a great addition to their bedroom furniture.

The normal set up for a bunk bed with futon is a twin bed on top and a full futon on the bottom. The futon bed folds up into a couch so that there is a seating area for your kids to utilize during the day. This works great if your kids like to watch movies, television, or play video games in their bedrooms. Now they will have a place to sit for these activities. Then, if they have friends over, they can fold the futon down into a bed at night so their friends have somewhere to sleep. Futon bunk beds for kids make the bedroom a fun place to hang out. There are a few variations on the typical futon bunk bed setup. Some futon bunk bed combinations are full beds over a full futon. This piece of furniture is much larger, but perhaps a better choice for an older child like a teenager. Another variation would be studio bunk bed setup. A studio bunk bed is when the top and bottom pieces are at right angles to each other rather than one directly over the other. The studio futon bunk beds would work the same way as a regular futon bunk bed. One last feature that could be part of some futon bunk beds for sale is storage. Some futon bunk beds come equipped with drawers underneath the futon. If the bunk bed that you select does not come any storage compartments, then you should consider also purchasing a pine chest of drawers. Extra storage is always a good thing.

When I first heard about this type of bedroom furniture, I was skeptical because I thought that futon bunk bed plans would require that you pull the whole setup away from the wall in order to fold the futon couch down into a bed. That is not the case. The futon is designed so that you can fold it down without moving the futon bunk beds with mattress, which could be very heavy. Another concern that I had was that I remember futon mattresses from my college days and I do not remember them being supportive. It is important to provide good support for your growing teenager when they sleep. I did not want a sagging futon mattress to be where my child slept. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there have been many improvements in futon mattresses in the past few years. They now are of much better quality and I am comfortable with my child sleeping on one. Finally, are they sturdy enough? I have seen many a bunk bed that was wobbly and in my opinion not safe. Will a bunk bed be able to hold my teenager? The materials of construction for futon bunk beds are usually wood or metal. The wood futon bunk bed is my first choice because it is very sturdy and not likely to buckle. The metal futon bunk bed will be made with reinforced metal and is often tested to hold up to 300 pounds. If put together properly, futon bunk beds are quite safe.

Speaking of safety, bunk beds should always come equipped with guardrails on the upper level. Even if the occupant of the bunk bed is older, you never can tell what might happen when someone is asleep. It is better to be extra cautious than to wake up with a broken arm. Another safety precaution is proper support for the upper mattress. Unfortunately, some less reputable bunk bed manufacturers might try to get away with only a few slats to support the upper mattress. Make sure that there is the proper support for the mattress so that it does not risk a collapse. As with any piece of furniture, it is critical that you follow the futon bunk bed assembly instructions very carefully. The futon bunk bed instructions will give you safety tips and will make sure you connect all the proper pieces of hardware to ensure the safety of your children as they play and sleep. Improper assembly or cutting corners on assembly cause most accidents with bunk beds falling down.

One final advantage to futon bunk beds is that they are affordable. You can generally buy a futon bunk bed system for less than you would spend on a bed and a couch. However, do not be lured in by very inexpensive futon bunk beds. Remember that you get what you pay for and an inferior product could compromise your child’s safety. If you are looking to buy futon bunk beds cheap then make sure you do the proper research and look for consumer report reviews or customer reviews to make sure you are getting a quality product. In addition, be sure to remember that the mattresses for futon bunk beds are often sold separately. Make sure that you check to see if you need to buy the mattresses separately so that you do not go over budget.

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