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Captain’s Bed

We will continue with our current theme of maximizing storage space by discussing the pros and cons of captain’s beds which are also referred to as the mate’s beds. A captain’s bed is a type of storage bed. Essentially, it is a platform bed with storage compartments underneath. Generally, these storage areas come in the form of pull-out drawers. They can also be shelves or bins instead of drawers.

The size and height of the bed will dictate how much total storage space is available. For example a twin captain’s bed can accommodate three drawers if the bed is low or six drawers if the bed is raised up by another 8-10 inches. A full captain’s bed or larger will allow for twice as many drawers. There are even models of a queen size captain’s bed and king size captain’s bed that can provide as many as sixteen drawers. In this case, there are six wide, but relatively short drawers on each side of the bed and then four narrow but relatively long drawers at the foot of the bed. The drawers at the foot of the bed are nestled between the two sets of side drawers. These long drawers are great places to store your shoes, bedding, or CDs. Twin beds are generally too narrow to allow for more than one side to have drawers.

Another way to squeeze as much storage capacity into a single piece of furniture as possible is to make the headboard multifunctional. I’m referring to the use of a bookcase style headboard. A book case headboard is wonderful for nighttime readers. The bookcase is able to store books and other reading materials while also hosting a lamp which can provide beneficial overhead lighting without illuminating the entire room. In addition, it is very common to put trophies or other sports memorabilia on the bookcase headboard.

Kids captain’s beds are very popular for children’s rooms because children often have atypical bedroom items like toys and gaming consoles. The storage space afforded by something like a solid oak captain’s bed can replace a chest of drawers or dresser, freeing up valuable real estate for the fun stuff. Oak has the dual benefit of being attractive and is strong enough to stand up to the stresses that children can put on their furniture. I would probably shy away from a white captain’s bed if you are planning placing a similar piece of furniture in a children’s room. It has been my experience that white does not fare well for long under a child’s hard use.

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